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What Has to be Known About Tennis

Tennis stands out as one game that is really popular. Even if we can see many that do play or watch the sport, different facts about tennis are not known. For instance, clay courts were where tennis was played in the beginning. Did You Know that? Tennis players enjoy to play on clay even today. Let us look at some interesting tennis facts that you might not have known in the past.

Balls designed for pro tennis are light green in most cases. While most people think tennis balls are always yellow it is not actually like that. During training the use of yellow balls is common but when competing the balls are usually of a light green color.

What you might not have known till know is that in the past we saw tennis balls made out of 100% leather with stuffings of wool or hair. Louis XIV was the main reason why this was implemented. During that point in time there were many types of different tennis balls in different countries, all made out of different materials. We even saw human hair or putty utilized.

Nowadays technology aided in the creation of aerodynamic and high quality tennis balls. One fact you might not have known is that a pressure-less tennis ball eventually starts to bounce higher while a ball that is pressurized will eventually lose its bounce. That is why during a tennis match we see the balls changing constantly.

Today we can see around three hundred million tennis balls produced yearly. Rubber is the one material that is mostly used and this brings in environment related problems. You can not recylce them easily. Thanks to various alternatives developed we think that all debates are soon to end. Although many debates are surrounding tennis, popularity still rises. Every single aspect of the game is known by most people and we are in front of a very good sport for our bodies. While we are not to see a lot of people that will compete, the recreational sport value of tennis is quite high.

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